This is an amazing type of clay, the liquid and translucent consistency makes it so versatile! I’m using mine all the time in polymer and metal clay projects.

Handling Liquid Sculpey

Transluent Liquid polymer clay has a creamy consistency, but over time it thickens though. To thin it out, add a drop of Sculpey Clay Softener. The liquid clay can be stored in vessels made from metal, glass or flexible plastic. To clean a surface from the clay you just need paper towels and rubbing alcohol.  So mistakes are OK :)


Thicker or multiple layers of Translucent Liquid Sculpey can be wet sanded and buffed for a high shine. You can use a varnish suited for polymer clays as well as using the translucent liquid sculpey as a glaze to set metal leaf, mica powders or decoupage.

What you can do with Liquid Polymer Clay

  • Image Transfers from black and white photocopies, color laser prints, colored pencil drawings.
  • Bake-able paintings and surface mediums by adding non toxic oil paints
  • Gazes and color washes by adding dry pigments such as mica powders.
  • Stained glass effect sun-catchers.
  • Usage with “dry” polymer clay:
  1. Adhesive that is bake-able
  2. Mosaic grout
  3. Faux enameling

Tutorial: How to do faux enameling

Here is my faux enameling project. I made a pair of  earring-pendants in metal clay, then I wanted to add some color to it, so I used the Translucent Liquid Sculpey to do faux enameling.

mix-liquid-sculpey-mica-003 mix-liquid-sculpey-mica-0041

  1. I put some liquid clay on a flexible plastic sheet, then I added mica powder in pink/gold. (Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments) A little at the time and it tints fast, little powder goes far. Mix it throughly so that the color is solid, this might take a while, but it’s worth it.
  2. I dropped some of the liquid clay to the pendant, a bit at the time, to fill it out completely. It’s possible to remove some excess clay from the edges with a toothpick if necessary.
  3. After filling both earrings I baked them in the owen at 130° C (275° F) for 15-20 minutes. Let them cool down, by room temperature I started painted some glossy varnish on the pink faux enamel.

Have to say this is a great type of clay, had no problems using it and the result is perfect! The creative projects you make with this thing is endless, love it! If you’re into polymer clay or just making stunning jewelry this is something for you.

Faux enamel earrings

Faux enamel earrings