Oprah’s wonderful jewelry, the african bracelets, took me by surprise because they’re such good beadwork! They are a bit pricey, but if you have the money I strongly encourage you to buy them since they are made by women in Rwanda so the money supports a good cause. What was my first Beader reaction? The urge of finding out how I can make bracelets just like these myself! :D

Oprah’s jewelry bracelets are sewn with metallic delicas and round seed beads. You can see what they look like here. I did some research and I found two perfect beading books for this! They are both very helpful when you want to create Oprah’s jewelry.

Supplies to get started making Oprah’s Jewelry: Beaded African Bracelets

Zulu Inspired Beadwork mastering-beadwork

Books for Oprah’s Jewelry: Beaded African Bracelets

First one is Zulu African Jewelry, it has some really cool ideas for projects and the colors are fantastic! I also got my hands on the perfect seed bead mix for the projects in this Zulu Beadwork book. Theme books are so uplifting, you always get new inspiration and ideas for your jewelry making.

Another great book is Mastering Beadwork: A Comprehensive Guide to Off-loom Techniques. In this one you get all the basic stitching techniques, it’s perfect if you want to begin sewing bracelets or necklaces! The book covers pretty much everything you need to know about beadwork.

When it comes to the individual projects in the book, they’re very good. You will be able to make stylish jewelry you really want to wear and the color ideas are marvelous for practically any clothes.

I have to say that I’m loving Oprah’s african style jewelry more and more, they’re down to earth but yet so cool! The simplicity of the designs they makes them great gifts too :)