There are new earring designs in the gallery! :) Took my camera to photograph my new earring designs.

From left to right.

  1. The Sea treasure earrings is truly summery, and I’m excited to wear them, they match the sea trend for this summer.
  2. Pirates Dandelion earrings. These are more rock star (as you might have put it @Cinnabarr) :) It’s a nice heavy feeling with the chains, works for most face shapes I think.
  3. Empress Wish earrings I have worn man times already. They’re very versatile, perfectly accessorized with black.
  4. Indian feather earrings has a natural look. Instead of using real feathers I wanted a more durable alternative, so I found the glass daggers very useful. In fashion feathers are big during both spring and winter of 2009.

l10106781 img_0433

l10106761 img_0324

You can never have too many earrings. In my mind I want to have at least one pair of earrings in every color there is, but of course the design of the earrings says just as much about wearing them to an outfit or not.

To make these earrings you require basic jewelry making pliers. Here is a tutorial and supply list of how to make each one of the earrings.

Sea Treasure earrings


Sea Treasure

  1. Take a 20 mm head pin and string a cats eye bead on it, cut it so short that you can make a small loop. Don’t close the loop until you have fastened it to the middle of the chandelier focal.
  2. Now take the eye pin 30 mm and string: a bead cap, a cats eye bead and another bead cap, make a loop at the end, cut the excess wire.
  3. Fasten the Chandelier focal to the eye pin with the bead and bead caps and finally fasten the fish hook at the top.

Pirates Dandelion earrings


Pirates Dandelion

  1. Cut the black chain into 12 pieces, different lengths. Make 2 of each length since there are 2 earrings.
  2. Fasten 6 of the chain pieces on eye pin 30 mm, the chains are supposed to form a cascade together. The longest ones in the middle and the shorter ones on the sides. (just like in the picture)
  3. String the black 4 mm bead onto the same eye pin and form a new loop at the end, cut the access.
  4. String the flower pendant to the eye pin 50 mm. Before pulling the eye pin completely through the 2nd hole, string 2 black 3 mm beads to the middle of the flower, pull through to the second hole. Make a loop and cut the access wire.
  5. Attach the chain piece with the flower in the bottom loop.
  6. String 1 bead cap, 1 yellow 6 mm faceted glass bead, and then another bead cap to an 30 mm eye pin. Form a loop at the end, cut the access.
  7. Fasten the ear stud to the eye pin with bead caps you just made, and finally attach them to the flower with chains.
  8. Follow steps 1-7 to complete another earring.

Empress Wish


Empress Wish

  1. String the flower pendant on the 30 mm head pin. Half through in the middle of the flower string: 1 seed bead 8.0, 1 black 3 mm facetted glass bead, then push trough the head pin through the 2nd hole in the flower. Form a loop and then cut the excess.
  2. String a 4 mm black faceted glass bead onto the 30 mm head pin, make a new loop and cut the excess. Fasten this eye pin to the head pin with the flower.

Indian Feather


Indian Feathers

  1. Cut the soft flex wire in half. 1 piece for each earring. String the beads in this order. (picture)
  1. Now your beaded wire can be formed to an oval loop. String 2 crimp beads to both ends of the wire, then string both ends back to the crimp bead next to it. Both wire ends now goes through both crimp beads, go on and crimp the beads around the wire.
  2. Fasten 2 jump rings between your loop of beads and the fishhook. To make the earrng steady It might be necessary to fasten one last jump ring through the 2 rings to make the earring steady. (picture)
  3. Repeat step 1-3 for the other earring.