What Sterling Silver is

Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or other alloy. This is the only proportion that is legally considered to be “sterling silver.” The additional copper (or other alloy) adds durability to pure silver, which is a quite soft metal. Sterling silver pieces are typically stamped with the number 925, which is sometimes accompanied by the initials of the designer or country of origin.

Sterling silver that is worn alot will maintain a high polish from rubbing on skin or clothing, but sterling that has been stored may take on an “antique” look. To remove some of the patina, you can use a silver polishing cloth.

How to keep it shiny

Over time sterling silver and silver-plated jewelry will oxidize. Depending on the climate, the color of To avoid oxidation, try using 3M Tarni-Strips. Put a few of these small, black paper squares in the drawer or plastic bags where you store your silver jewelry. This helps keep the silver clean and shiny no matter how long you go without wearing it!