It’s time to magically turn your interesting lump of clay into a beautiful piece of silver. To fire it with a hand-help torch us an excellent way to fire your PMC3 jewelry creations! These butane torches are the same ones used to make crème brûlée, so you don’t need to invest a lot of money with this method. Torches are also easily tucked away when not in use.

Why PMC3 with Torch?

PMC3 can be fired at lower temperatures than other types of PMC clays, which makes it perfect for torch firing projects. The lowest firing temperature for PMC3 is 1200° F, so your torch must be able to reach at least that temperature.

Fire Surface

A firing surface to place your item on is needed when you fire, a firing brick works great. While firing, set your firing brick on top of a heat proof surface, such as a stove top, so your clay piece does not cause damage, if it happens to roll off the brick while still hot.

Torch firing works best on pieces that weighs 25 grams or less, and you fill your torch with the same fuel as for lighters. The shrinkage is 10-12 % for PMC3, so account for that when you make your pieces. Imagine it will be a bit smaller :)


Torch firing PMC3

Torch firing PMC3

All projects in this book can fired with PMC3 and a handheld torch! It has many exciting and projects in it. Read the review here.

Timing the Clay

It’s handy to use a timer to track the firing time, sometimes I use my Iphone in fact, because it’s soo lovely… ;) The best gadget buy ever! Once the metal clay has reached sintering temeratures, start your timer and hold the metal clay at the sintering temperature for the legth showed in the firing chart.

Firing Chart

PMC3 weight & minutes required

1-5 grams, 2 minutes

6-15 grams, 2 minutes

16-25 grams, 3-5 minutes

There’s a new world to explore with PMC3 and a torch! Just imagine to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and every part of it can be custom made by you. Then just add your favorite beads and sterling silver findings, and you will be making true art creations!