This is my recent inspirations regarding hair decorations… :) Found these wonderful feather butterflies at work, so I had to buy them and make my own Butterfly Barrettes! Truth is that feather butterflies can make your day… make your “good hair” day. When you take a closer look at the feathers and the details on the butterflies you see how amazing they are, each one is a piece of art.

The butterfly barrettes can be placed to hold or decorate your hair anywhere in your hairstyle. When you wear them, they help you into a better mood. I’ve already worn the yellow and the turquoise butterflies and I felt So incredibly good those days! It’s fantastic how a little feather butterfly can do that to you. And especially us beading girls deserve to look good don’t we? ;)

How to make the Butterfly Bobby Pins

  • I used little feather butterflies with wire already attached to them, so it’s easy to wrap the top part of the barrette with the wire and place the butterfly on top of it.
  • The trick is to wrap the butterfly close and tight to the barrettes, so that the wire disappears under the butterfly. You can use any barrettes with some space for wrapping the wire.
  • On some of the barrettes I added glue between the butterfly and the wrapping to make it more steady.

Examples of butterflies you can use:



More of the feather butterflies I made!


There I am, wearing a Feather Butterfly... :)


Here is one of the smallest butterfly bobby pins I made, the metal is copper colored.

Yellow feather Butterfly With Silver Barrette

Yellow Feather Butterfly with silver barrette