On saturday I decided to do something about the bead storage for my growing bead stash, it’s kind of out of hand… There is no room for any new beads really, so it’s time to do something about my bead organizing. So I went to look for new storage and organizers. I was so happy to find a great bead storage section I could use! I got three of them now, probably i will get more as I need them.

So right now I’m turning my bead stash upside down, trying to sort the beads by color, shape, material and etc. This is going to take a while I realized after a few hours with the beads…But it will be so worth it to be an organized beader!

There are many good bead storage solutions depending on your needs, because of my huge bead stash I went for bigger storage organizers with sections which you can put on the wall or on shelves. There are many great bead organizers, I will keep those too for smaller beads, findings and gemstones. Here are some examples of good and pretty bead storage solutions.

  1. Bead organizer Tote Storage. Light storage bag to take your beading and crafts with you :)
  2. Bead organizer Rolling Tote Storage. This one so perfect when you have lots of beads and tools to take with you somewhere!
  3. Bead Storage 24 Compartment organizer. Super handy box to keep all kinds of beads and findings in.
  4. Beaders Carousel Storage Organizer. Also so handy and looks great on your beading table!
  5. Bead Organizer Big. This is the kind of storage organizer I used, it can contain a lot of beads, tools and findings.

bead-organizer-tote-storage bead-storage-organizer

Bead-Organizer-rolling-tote-storage beaders-carousel-organizer-storage


Btw, I had an excellent weekend! On sunday I made pancakes for my husband and me while having a Strawberry Daiquiri… That was soo great! With the pancakes we had blueberry jam and vanilla ice cream, a tasty dessert as we know it! Although beads and beading are some of the most fantastic things in the world, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with your loved ones, we all need to spend some time together and care for one another.