We are having the most amazing summer here in Stockholm, Sweden! Hot beach days and nice weekends with friends and family. The temperature has been about 25-35 degrees celsius. The weather is very sunny and warm but it’s still a comfortable heat. Lovely… I took some photos of My Beach 2010. ;) Check them out!

One of my favorite things to do at a swedish summer is to stay at the beach… Getting tanned, playing with my sisters kids in the water. Doing my reading…

Right now I’m reading the John Chow book “Make Money Online”. It’s really interesting, so many good tips and he is giving out all his secrets on the subject! I ordered it online a few months ago.

Back to swimming, this summer and beach of 2010 I’m teaching my sisters daughter how to swim. She didn’t learn that in school and she is already 8 years old. So I thought it’s time! :) She is doing great progress, being able to swim more and more!

Learning how to float in the water is also important :)

Boys and girls learning how to float in the water, which is also important :)

Here she is, covering my feet in sand

Here is my little swimmer girl, covering my feet in sand

I also played volleyball and badminton at the beach, it’s a great way to workout! Running in the hot sand and sun is wonderful for getting in shape ;) How to describe the feeling when you dive into the water after doing something like that? It’s almost indescribable :) but Fantastic might do for now…